Maho Harada (Violin)

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Highly acclaimed Japanese Violinist Maho Harada receives international recognition for her technical precision and wide repertoire.

GraduatIng from the Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012 and continuing her studies at the university. Studying under Pierre Amoyal, Peter Komlos, Gérard Poulet and Kazuki Sawa, Maho completed her BMus in March 2016. She received the Doseikai prize from the alumni association of the university upon graduating.

Supported by the Edna Seabright Memorial Prize and the Leverhulme Trust Postgraduate Scholarship, Maho completed her MA in Music Performance at the Royal Academy of Music with Jack Liebeck. She also received a DipRAM for an outstanding Final Recital and the Doris Faulkener Prize for general achievement throughout the academic year.

Greatly interested in the relationship between female violinists and their performing styles, Maho enter the PhD degree at the Academy from September 2018 to study this further.

Maho was awarded the first prize at the 12th Osaka International Music Competition in October 2011, as well as the Special Jury Award at the 10th Competition of Contemporary Music Performance 'Kyogaku X' in Japan in December 2012.

She has attended several Summer Music Academies as a scholarship student, including ’Lake District Summer Music' (UK), 'Mozarteum Summer Academy' (Austria) and 'International Music Festival of Portogruaro' (Italy), and benefited from tuition from esteemed musicians such as Richard Deakin, Igor Ozim and Ivan Rabaglia.

Maho prides herself on her wide repertoire. As a soloist or as a member of 'Orchestra Triptyque', 'Ensemble Neige' and 'Ensemble Fove', she is also committed to performing contemporary music. She frequently premiers young composers' pieces as well.

The Royal Academy of Music recommended Maho as a soloist for various performances opportunities. Likewise, she was offered recital opportunities from The International Music Festival of Portogruaro. Earlier in the year, she gave her debut recital at Southwark Cathedral.